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At last, Express Custom has gotten into boats.

Known for our expertise in Trailers, and our unparalelled Welding Decks & Skids, we're expanding into the marine industry! Combining our electrical experts, welding veterans, and nautical professionals, we're aiming to create a top of the line variety of Coastal & Offshore Fishing Boats, Landing Crafts, & Water Taxis. Be sure to check back often as we unfold our newest brand.

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C$ 175000.00


C$ 4195.00


3"x3"x1/8" - 40'
40' Dock Ramp 3"x3"x1/8" Uprights - 670LB

C$ 5890.00


4"x4"x3/16" - 40'
40' Dock Ramp 4"x4"x1/8" Uprights

C$ 8890.00


40' x 10' - 12,000LB
8 Float Aluminum Dock

C$ 9890.00


40' x 10' - 15,000LB
10 Float Aluminum Dock